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Two people overcome by carbon monoxide

February 27, 2003

Albany --Two Albany people were overcome by carbon monoxide Wednesday night. At this apartment on 13th Avenue, 35 year old Anthony Griffin and 23 year old Pamela Guined called 9-1-1 around 9:30.

 Both Griffin and Guined were treated at a local hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. Neither was seriously injured. Fire investigators say one the gas appliances was malfunctioning.They recommend a carbon monoxide alarm for protection.

Albany Fire Department Assistant Chief James Carswell said "Actually we always tell people if they are concerned about that, they need to have an alarm that will give them that added feature of safety in the case an appliance does not work like it's supposed to."

 The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are much like the flu, head ache and soreness.

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