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Albany man says garden is secret to youth

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –There are backyard gardens and then there's Timmie Shelton's yard.

He's been growing fruits and vegetables all his life and says that homegrown produce is his secret to staying healthy.

"They call me the green thumb, that's what they call me," said Timmie Shelton Sr.

Timmy Shelton doesn't just have a green thumb. He has fruits and vegetables in his veins.

"I guess I was born with it. My father was a farmer so I'm sure that really motivated me," said Shelton.

Shelton has grown things all his life.

"I grow my own vegetables and fruit so I know what I have. They don't have the steroids and fertilizers that are giving people high blood and low blood pressure," said Shelton.

He doesn't own a farm he simply uses his backyard on Cason Street to grow impressive fruits and vegetables.

"In this tree here at least 500 pounds of tangerines on here," said Shelton.

"These collard greens are pretty close to 8 feet tall and they aren't through growing," said Shelton.

And his secret?

"I put a whole lot of TLC in them , tender loving care," said Shelton.

Its also his secret to staying young. He's 72 but says he feels 35.

"I eat vegetables and fruit everyday," said Shelton.

Today he spent the day picking the fruit before the rain comes.

"The tangerines and lemons got so much water they just started busting open," said Shelton.

He says getting a yard like his, requires hard work.

"My yard comes first, my wife will tell you that. She says I love this yard better than I do her," said Shelton.

Shelton says he hopes he inspires others to care for their land, because if you take care of mother nature, mother nature will take care of you.

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