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Dougherty Co. School Board votes down proposal to cut taxes

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  A majority of the school board voted against a plan that could have saved homeowners money in the long run.

School Board President Dave Maschke introduced a resolution that could have changed the state's tax policy, giving the school board the ability to roll back taxes for homeowners when the state doesn't fund the Homeowners Tax Relief Grant. Right now to do that, they'd have to roll back taxes for both homeowners and businesses. The proposal was voted down five to two. Reverend James Bush led the charge to vote the measure down.

"I think it was just not the time in my opinion to bring this up, the state of the economy and I've been around politics for a long time and I know politicians they play to their constituents and sometimes they play to the fears of their constituents. I think I made a decision in the interest of public education," said James Bush, DCSS School Board Member.

Earlier this year the school board wanted to roll back the millage for homeowners because the state didn't fund the Homeowners tax Relief Grant, but they weren't able to do it without rolling back the taxes for everyone including businesses which would have cost the district nine million dollars.

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