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Is the Dougherty Co. School System efficient?

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Is the Dougherty County School System wasting tax money? A new report concludes the system could be more efficient.

The school board slashed 7.5 million dollars from the system's budge this year, but they want to know if there are other places to cut. They hired Education Planners to review the 105-employee central services department. Those experts say the system could save money by improving technology and cutting duplication of services.

School Board members received the 16 page report Wednesday. It takes a critical look at what employees in central services do. Many of them work here in the administration building, and eventually, some of those jobs could be cut.

It's been nine years since the Dougherty County School System looked at how efficiently it operates. Today they got the results of a study that put the system's central services under the microscope.

"We do have a growing budget, we have more personnel, it's a smart business decision to occasionally re-look at how you're structured," said David Maschke, DCSS School Board President.

What they found is the system compares well with other districts, but there are areas that need improvement, including technology and the training of employees.

"Some of the tasks you do normally at the central office level could be consolidated so it becomes more of a task for one department instead of for multiple departments," said James Wilson, Executive Planners President.

Educational Planners found central services tends to split up accounts payable work by department instead of consolidating it in one office. Board members met with the group in executive session to discuss the specifics.

"It could be the elimination of personnel but probably more importantly it becomes the redirection of other tasks. There's no real reason to duplicate tasks," said Wilson.

Board members say they want the group to go further than central services, but the reviews won't include teachers.

"I personally hope we'll look at more than just the central office," said Maschke.

To keep the Dougherty County School System operating as efficiently as possible. While they discussed potential changes in executive session, they didn't vote on anything. The board wants to examine the report more closely and give the new superintendent a chance to review the information before any changes might be considered.

Central Services makes up about five percent of the Dougherty County School System's Budget

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