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Students consider tuition before college

February 26, 2003 

TIFTON- "If you have any questions just ask," Matthew North directs his tour group.

High School senior Lauryn Perkins and her parents get a tour of Abraham Baldwin College in Tifton. Perkins has her criteria for the college decision. "After school activities, student groups," she lists. 

But cost is a concern for parents, "I hope with rising cost of education quality of education goes up with it," Anthony Perkins said.

With the economy as it is, three states raised tuition rates midyear. In Georgia, University System schools will wait until May to make a decision. Right now in-state rates at the University of Georgia, are $1,709 a semester, ABAC $878, and Darton $748. Still one line at ABAC's open campus day was longer than others.

"With economy and what's going on in the world cost does factor in where student goes to school ABAC being low helps us recruit students."

"We talked about it and we don't want to go to expensive college off the bat, get cores out of the way then move up to bigger school."

Garlan and Lauryn Hoping four years from now the hope scholarship program will still be fully funding their education. Since its start 10 years ago, 780,000 Georgians have saved almost $2 billion in college costs through the hope scholarship.

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