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GSW student dies playing basketball

^ Nyles Alford (right) ^ Nyles Alford (right)

February 26, 2003

Americus-- Twenty-one-year-old Nyles Alford died on a basketball court at Georgia Southwestern State University Tuesday night.

He was playing a pick-up basketball game when he collapsed. Friends say the pre-med major was the model of good health and that is why his death is so shocking.

Friends of Nyles Alford are still reeling from his sudden death, "I found out last night and I just couldn't believe it was Nyles."

Nyles Alford collapsed on center court playing a pick-up game of basketball. A bystander tried to resuscitate him-- but the young man wasn't breathing.

His friend Johnathan Marshall recalls, "I was referring the game, when Nyles fell face forward, we rolled him over but his eyes were rolled back, he wasn't breathing." Paramedics rushed the GSW junior to Sumter Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Marshall says Alford was always at the gym, working hard to stay fit, "He works out all the time, always lifting weights, he could bench 260 pounds."

But Alford's body gave out Tuesday night. Just why his heart stopped beating hasn't been determined. His friends say there is no way the pre-med biology major used any performance enhancing drugs, "No, not that I know of. He wasn't trying to be the biggest guy in the world."

The Sumter County medical examiner is investigating Alford's death. For now, his friend's are still asking why. Nyles Alford was from Columbus.

Georgia Southwestern is planning a memorial service for him later this week.

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