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Owner finds horse in ditch

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Friends and family rescued a missing horse in Terrell County. Neighbors thought they saw someone steal the horse from its farm three weeks ago. Monday,  it was spotted stuck in a ditch weak and wounded but alive.

Four-year-old Sheyenne has deep cuts on his legs, he's still a little wobbly and weighs half what he should. His owner Laura Davis is glad he's alive.

"It's been very hard not knowing if someone stole him or if he was in a ditch," Davis said.

Cell phone video shows people pulling Sheyenne out of the five-foot ditch about a mile from Davis's farm.

"I was worried his legs weren't strong enough to make it but he seems fine," Davis added.

She's washing wounds on his legs to prevent any infections and cleaning his body that's covered with mud and feces.

In just three weeks Sheyenne's body weight dropped down from 1200 pounds to 600 and she'll have to bring it back up slowly to prevent sickness.

Davis isn't sure how he ended up in the ditch but she says that neighbors had seen someone open her gate and let out six horses out including Sheyenne. She got them all back when it first happened and she finally got Sheyenne Monday.

"We're going to get him fat and pretty again. He's going to make the rules now for a while,"Davis said.

A veterinarian checked out Sheyenne and believes he will be okay. The owners says horse thefts are a big problem. For more information on horse thefts, visit http://www.stolen-horses.com/.

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