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Neighborhood Watch groups are honored in Albany

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ALBANY,  GA (WALB) – Neighborhood watch leaders are honored for taking a stand against crime. Albany and Dougherty County leaders proclaimed today Neighborhood Watch Day to thank current watch members and encourage others to get involved.



Right now residents here are concerned specifically with the rise in air conditioner thefts. A few were stolen off homes last week and more over the past couple of months.

But on a larger scale the neighborhood watch group here says it's all about the basics. Neighbors getting to know neighbors and looking out for each other.

One after the other neighborhood watch captains from all over Albany and Dougherty county were honored this morning by their government leaders.

They now even have a whole day, November 16th, dedicated to them.

"It means a lot because it means people know what we stand for, we distort crime," said Harold Williams. He oversees the neighborhood watch program in the Colonial Village subdivision in east Albany.  An effort resident Eddie Stringer appreciates.

"I remember the time you could walk anywhere, now you've got to be in your house before dark," said Stringer.

James Toomer feels the same way. "It makes you feel a lot safer know people are looking out for you," he said. "You work hard for your stuff and you don't want anybody breaking in and stealing, and it's a crying shame the way it is in east albany."

But watch captains like Williams strongly believe if more people got involved, crime would slowly dwindle.  "The thieves would have to go somewhere else."

Law enforcers like it because it keeps the lines of communication open. "We've got an open dialogue and they feel more comfortable calling us," said Dougherty county Police Chief Don Cheek.

And they can't do their job alone.

"It takes neighbors looking out for each other because they know what's going on," he said.  And if they notice anything suspicious or out of place, they can handle it accordingly.

Neighborhood watch groups say keeping the neighborhood safe can sometimes be as simple as making sure street lights are on and working properly.

If your neighborhood doesn't have an active neighborhood watch program, call your local police department or sheriff's office for help getting started.


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