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Sherwood announces new movie name

 By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Sunday night service at Sherwood Baptist church started out as it normally does with music from the choir.

This time the pastor had a very special announcement for church members and media. After the most recent movie Fireproof,  Sherwood Pictures announced the name of its fourth endeavor- "Courageous."

Director Alex kendrick says "Courageous" urges men to step up their leadership role, to be good fathers, and husbands according to God's will

"We're presenting in this movie how difficult and how crucial it is for fathers to stand up and take responsibility for their homes, especially with their children and keep hold of the steering wheel for their family that God has given them," said Kendrick.

Statistics show nearly 25 million people around the world live without their biological dads, and 17million life with their single mothers.

Kendrick says the movie will have more action, tension, drama, romance, and humor to emphasize the role a father must play. That's important for Joe Bishop who has three children of his own.

"I'm thinking in terms of as they grow and mature and start their own families this should be a helpful point for me to be able to talk to them about how to be a good father," Bishop said.

Bishop along with movie crew members hope this new movie will move other families to live a life that ultimately reflects God's Glory

The director says-previous to the other movies- the new film will be shot in Albany and the plot will be based in the south. We're not sure who will be starring in it yet but it will involve Albany Law Enforcement.

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