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Mom in the Military

February 25, 2003

Worth County- Four South Georgia children adjust to mom in the Military. Nine-year-old-David Araujo says, "I think she's a good mother because she's always there for us when we need her and stuff." The kids visit their soldier Mom at Fort Benning before she gets an order to go overseas.

The Worth County family is used to saying goodbye. The father is also active in the Army National Guard. He has spent a year in Bosnia and many training trips away from home, but now the Mom is getting geared up to leave and Dad is left to take care of the kids.

Theresa Araujo says, "It's gonna be a big change for all of us." Mrs. Araujo is a truck driver for the 1148th Transportation Group. She says, "I'm happy to see them (my family) and sad to see them go, but we got to do what we got to do."

Her husband, Daniel, and their four kids spent the past few days at Fort Benning with their favorite soldier. Her son, David, says, "I'm kinda happy coming to see her."

No word yet on when she's going overseas. The 14-year-old daughter, Danielle, says, "Kinda scary cause you don't know if she's gonna come back or not."

Things around the house have changed too. Danielle explains, "We don't play as much sports like when she was at home because she'd play basketball with us."

Dad is left to hold down the fort. He says, "In fact, I wish it were me being deployed as opposed to her, not a natural thing for a man to be back on the homefront while wife is out there defending the cause of liberty."

They are all proud of their special soldier. The 9-year-old proudly explains, "I want to follow her footsteps too because I want to join the United States Army when I grow up."

The kids have already grown up in the military. Dad is a Food Operation Sergeant in the Army National Guard, but for now he'll have to take care of his own troops at home while Mom serving our country overseas.

Theresa and Daniel met in 1985 while serving in the Army. They married only eight months after meeting. Daniel doesn't believe he'll be called to duty this time.

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