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Allergy sufferers beware; pollen is here

February 25, 2003

Albany- Everything is covered in a yellow haze. The trees have started to bloom and the pollen is here.

Carlos Lamb has been doing yard work outside for several hours swirling up all kinds of irritants, but he says its not a problem for him.

"It's not really bad. It will get bad if it gets real dry or real hot, but other than that its fine," he says.< /STRONG>

The yellow film is pine pollen and it doesn't usually bother most people, but its when the pine pollen mixes with others that people start to feel sick. Those people usually end up in the doctor's office.

Allergists says their offices have been full of people getting tested to see exactly what irritates them.

"I've had a lot of problems since I've had my children and doctors have been treating it as sinus infections, but we thought it was something more, so here I am," says Tammy Bentley, while she gets her skin tested for allergic reactions.

When we have cold winters, the spring pollens are usually much worse. So if you are prone to itchy eyes, sneezing, and nasal congestion you need to make your allergy appointment now.

"If they haven't gotten re-started back on they're allergy prevention medicine. They're wasting time; they're gonna get sick if they don't get back on those pretty quick," explains Dr. Dennis Robinson.

Robinson also says though its tempting to let the fresh spring air in and drive with windows down, don't, it will only make things worse.

Allergists also warn against leaving doors and windows open at home because many pollens are hard to clean out of fabrics and carpet.

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