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Sleep Out for the Homeless & Hungry

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Hundreds of homeless south Georgians slept outside in the cold Friday night.

Dozens more people are voluntarily joining them to raise awareness of their plight.

The goal of the 2nd annual Sleep Out for the Homeless and Hungry is to keep anyone from having to sleep out in the elements.

Under the stars and in the shadow of the Albany Mall, they prepped their beds for the night.

"Giving up the warmth of your home, your bed, nice stuff we take for granted," said Sidney Deese.

Among the people who are sleeping outside, a group of young people from Gillionville Baptist Church.

"Whenever you sleep out here you learn a lot you learn it takes a true man or woman to stay out here," said Mason Peeples.

Mason Peeples and his friends say this is the least their generation can do to help others who sleep this way every night.

"It shows what our generation is like and we need to step in," said Devyn Peeples.

"Anything could happen at anytime and you could lose everything," said Mason Peeples.

"At first it's a fun night we're going to go sleep in a box, but it seems when it hits home is when they're getting into their beds" said Todd Urick, Mission Change Co-Founder.

That reality is what organizers hope will help their mission and get more south Georgians to take a harder look at how homelessness affects us all.

"This is us doing it for one night and they live their lives like this," said Deese.

With the help of mission change and all of these volunteers, living like this could be a thing of the past.

"I think it can, if we have the right people and educate them as to what's going on," said Urick.

Proceeds from Friday's event will go to Flint River Habitat for Humanity, the Food Bank of Southwest Georgia and the Salvation Army.

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