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Thieves target cars around Albany

By Stephanie Springer - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – As crime continues to rise in Albany, people across town awoke Friday to find that their cars were broken into.

Thursday night Dorothy Miller got an unnerving phone call from her daughter, upset that someone had stolen her brand new stereo system from her car.

"As a mother no one wants to see their child hurt and I am a very protective mother," said Miller.

 Miller's daughter lives at the Hidden Oaks Apartments in East Albany. And her car wasn't the only one targeted last night.

"I actually found out several other cars had been broken into the same night the police actually said about 5 cars had been broken into total," said Miller.

But the thieves didn't break a window, or pry open the trunk they simply just opened the car doors.

"Yes all the cars were unlocked that's just a warning to make sure everyone locks their cars before they go into the house," said Miller.

On the other side of town, Michael Brunson Sr. says someone broke into his wife's car on 2nd Avenue last night and stole her briefcase.

Just a few houses down, the thieves broke into another car.

"These are crimes of opportunity that people can see, they will break a window and take it," said Brunson.

As we approach the holiday season,more burglaries are expected to occur. That's why police and apartment officials are urging the public to be extra cautious of their belongings.

The property manager at Hidden Oaks says they are sending letters to all their clients with tips to prevent crimes.

"We recently increased the lighting in the back of the property we are working our way up to the front we hope to complete this in the next couple of weeks," said Stephanie Hurst.

Police say global positioning systems are extremely attractive to thieves, so it is important you take everything valuable out of your car.

Police say if you go shopping put all your gifts in the trunk so no one can see them.

 Also have your keys in your hand as you walk to your car and check your car before you get in.

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