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Some folks have all the luck!

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) –  Bainbridge seems to be the lucky place to be. Last month two south Georgia families won big playing the lottery. One family won $750,000, another family $2.5 million, both on scratch offs!

Friday on the Bainbridge square the two families got together to celebrate their wins. WALB News 10's Christian was there. She joins us now in the studio with their exciting news.

It was so exciting to be surrounded by the winners this afternoon. It's just crazy to think how much your life can change in just a few seconds with the simple scratch of a ticket.

Most people go their whole lives without seeing so many zeroes on a check. Not Iron City residents Larry Hill and his wife Robbie. "I couldn't believe it to be honest with you, I couldn't believe it."

They scratched their winning ticket at the Bainbridge Truck Stop. $750,000 later, they're still in shock. "I saw all them little zeroes and I said uh oh," said Larry Hill.

"He said, 'Is this a 7?, and is this a 7?', I said yes and he moved his finger and I just sat there," said Robbie Hill.

But the big winners are Colquitt natives Melissa Palmer and her husband Marcus. They won $2.5 million playing Millionaire Jumbo Bucks.

"We keep hearing 'Ain't no way you won that kinda money!'" said Marcus Newberry.

"He said 'look at it sis,' I said 'oh My lord my brother's a millionaire, woooo hoooo.'" said his sister.

They bought their ticket at the Bainbridge Kangaroo Express on Highway 27, so I stopped by and decided to try my luck. Unfortunately, I didn't win.

Now the big question is what on earth are they going to do with all the money "Go back to Hawaii," said Robbie Hill.

"I want to get a house, go back to school, go on vacation," said Palmer.

Now that they've hit the jackpot, are they're lottery playing days over?

"Old habits are hard to break," said Larry. " He's still been playing, he won 100 dollars yesterday," said his wife.

"We ain't going to quit right now," said the new millionaires.

Maybe they'll win again. Either way, this group is just plain lucky. Both families told us their first big investment is going toward their children and dozens of grandchildren for Christmas presents.

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