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National Guard assistance program helps military families

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Sgt. Haley Hutcherson is a National Guard Recruiter. She's also a military wife. Her husband deployed to Afghanistan in March and won't be home for Christmas.

"We know what it's like missing holidays and birthdays," Hutcherson said.

That's tough for her and her 13-month-old daughter. But she's glad she has a full time job to support her family. She knows other families are having a harder time.

"I couldn't imagine doing this without him on top of the small things during Christmas," Hutcherson said.

Military families in financial need can sign up for the assistance. When Sgt. Hutcherson saw the need, she decided to donate meals and gifts to military families too. Though she doesn't always get to see the people she helps, she still enjoys giving.

"It's a good feeling," Hutcherson said. "Even if you don't get to see them you still feel good knowing there is a family that got the toys and that got the good Christmas dinner."

Unit Readiness NCO Don Whitmire says the family assistance program helps about 25 families each week. He refers families to the right commander who can set them up with things they might need like day care or financial help.

"A lot of these guard members make more money in their civilian jobs than they do in the military," Whitmire said.

Hutcherson says her husband is proud to be serving his country. She says being away from him gives her a chance to give to families who need some support.

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