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More people installing home video surveillance

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THOMASVILLE,  GA (WALB) –As crime increases, home owners are doing more to protect themselves. While it's not uncommon to see surveillance video systems in businesses, more homeowners are now turning to technology to protect their belongings.



Commercial burglar systems can be pretty elaborate, and they can also be costly. Not everyone can afford them. So more people are doing it themselves, installing their own home security systems to help protect their belongings.

"We install a lot more systems now in residential applications rather than just business," said Reece Brookerd, Manager at Georgia-Florida Burglar Alarm Company in Thomasville.

We all know in a slumping economy, burglars and robbers stay busy. The spike in crime is pushing more homeowners to purchase a new set of eyes.

"This is your typical dome camera, you mount it to a ceiling," he explains.  

At Georgia-Florida a standard four-camera system runs around $2500 and includes cameras, a DVR, free installation and repairs.

You can even network the system to be accessed from your laptop or cell phone.

"They can have it send them emails when they're not home if it picks up motion detection," said Brookerd.

But some people simply can't afford to purchase an elaborate home security system. Instead, they're heading to places like Lowe's and purchasing a kit that includes a camera, a monitor, and it only costs $196.88.

"This is the do it yourself security system," said Thomasville Lowe's electrical expert James Barfield. "As far as the interest whenever I walk past this isle there are always a bunch of costumers right here trying to figure out what they need."

Lowe's put the security kid on the shelves less than two months ago, and have already noticed a huge demand.  Employee James Barfield is good at selling the system because he purchased a similar one himself awhile back. He set it up himself and says he did it because he's been a theft victim numerous times.

"My house, my sheds, my neighbor's homes, have all been hit."

Now more people like Barfield can rest a little easier knowing their homes are being watched.. And if intruders make an appearance, they have the proof they need to send the bad guys to jail.

Of course law enforcers love the idea.

It's often difficult for them to catch burglars mainly because of the lack of evidence.

With a video recording you can make a copy of the theft and hand it over to investigators, making their jobs a little easier.

Security companies we spoke with say many of their costumers are your typical middle class worker, who typically wouldn't be able to afford a security system. But because of the spike in crime people are saving up, even financing so they CAN afford it.

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