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Clark Av. business owners fight back against crime

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Albany business owners are fed up with crime and they are going to fight back.

Business owners on Clark Avenue say when they close for the day and the sun goes down, the criminals come out like roaches. Tonight, they are looking for ways to put a stop to it.

It's especially bad on the East side. Business owners here on Clark Avenue say crime is out of hand, and seems to be getting worse.

These business owners say they are working with Police, and don't blame them. They say they know there are only so many officers, so they have got to take matters into their own hands and protect their property themselves.

Some of the business owners say things are so bad in East Albany, they hear about neighbors carrying guns when they go to church Sunday morning in the area.

"I got to change locks. They done damaged my locks," WIllie Ross said.

Ross is trying to open a meat and vegetable shop in the 1200 block of Clark Avenue, but burglars are slowing his work. Monday night, thieves tore up his door and smashed the glass in his ice machine.

"They couldn't get in, so I guess they got frustrated and tore the glass out of here. About a couple of weeks ago they vandalized the laundromat."

A half block away thieves smashed the back wall of the Stop N Shop and stole cigarettes. They carry guns and have armed security guards when open, but at night the crooks come out.

"Every night when we go home, we always think, do we need to go back,is somebody going to be breaking into," Stop-N-Shop owner Henry Patel said.

Patel still has the door that thieves drove a car through earlier this year. He put up poles to protect the door, so they smashed in his wall. "Now we're scared, like insurance people might cut our insurance."

At the Litman Funeral Home, owners keep the tags removed from their hearses because they kept getting stolen at night.

At the Milan Food Mart, owners say they have been burglarized three times recently.

Deli Manager Ben Perry said "Yes they get desperate. There are just no jobs no more. And like every year the holiday season is coming up. They going to get worse this time of year automatically."

They have contacted Police, and now are planning ways to stop being crime victims.

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