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New preservation guidelines sought

February 24, 2003

TIFTON - They aren't two people you'd expect to be partners. One man's mission is to preserve the past, the other's to build for the future. But Tifton's preservation and planning directors are working together to create new guidelines for the city's historic preservation district.< /STRONG>

"It's not just let's forget about what we have in place," Planning & Development Director Jason Lawrence said. "It's making something work we already have."

"Certain issues have arisen that needed to be examined more carefully," Historic Preservation Commission Director Charles Styer said.

The discussion got started after a dispute about what to do about Lankford Manor. It was a case of an owners right to tear his own building down, versus a city's interest to preserve it for history's sake.

"It's a structure that's been built up over years and represents hopes and plans of people who lived there," Styer said. "When you rip that out you don't have landmarks to go on that give you a feeling of community."

The city voted to negotiate for Lankford Manor's sale. Now both departments want to concentrate on preserving and promoting Tifton in the future.

"If they have something strong to go on, makes decision easier and helps them follow their own guidelines," Alexander said.

"What we want to do is preserve things that make Tifton a unique and beautiful city," Styer said. 

For that they need your help. Tuesday night will be the second in a series of meetings to develop new preservation guidelines. It's at City Hall at 5:30 p.m.

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