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Training for war at Ft. Benning

^ Smoldering gas ^ Smoldering gas

February 25, 2003

Ft. Benning - As the threat of war increases, soldiers are spending more time on shooting ranges and inside gas chambers.

Soldiers like Sergeant Wilbert Hines, Senior from Cairo, is learning how to read maps and perform C.P.R.  He says, "We're all in it together." It's called C.T.T, Common Task Training. 

Hines is with 1148th Transportation Group out of Thomasville. They have spent more than two weeks training at Fort Benning.  It could make a difference between life or death. Hines explains, "We have to pull together, some of us have weak spots, but we have to pull together."

The soldiers could be hit with chemical or biological weapons, so they have to train in gas chambers. While the gas leaks out, the soldiers do jumping jacks with masks, suits and all. Specialist Eugene Bishop with the 342nd Postal Company says, "They want us to be confident with our masks. We don't train with them all the time. It's so we don't pass out or anything."

What happens if the mask isn't sealed tight? Bishop explains, "You throw up, skin burns and everything." The training is supposed to boost confidence and also make the individual soldiers become a team. No word yet on when they will be sent overseas.

The 1148th Group will be moving their equipment and trucks to Savannah on Sunday.

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