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Albany business earns a van for increased sales

February 24, 2003

Albany -- An Albany business wins national sales awards and a new truck. Owner K.J. Wari was named the Rookie of the Year by Chick-Fil-A for his Albany Square Drive Thru restaurant. One of the prizes with the award, this 2003 Ford Van.

In his first year of ownership, Wari increased sales by nearly 20 percent. That was the highest dollar sales increase in the nation. Wari said "We believe in customer service. We treat them all with a great big smile. A big thing we do, any customer that comes by, we will say "It's our pleasure to serve you."

And that has made a big difference in the level of sales we had. And we saw a tremendous increase because of that."

Wari says they use the van to expand their catering business in South Georgia.

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