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Accent modification program helps doctors communicate with patients

By Stephanie Springer - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Communication is essential in a doctor and patient relationship. If it is not accurate, information may be misunderstood.

Dr.Henry Ejere says communication is the key to establishing a successful doctor patient relationship. But he was born in and attended Medical school in Nigeria and he says sometimes patients have trouble understanding his accent...especially elderly patients.

"I try to speak slowly and louder, that way I end up passing my message across to them," said Dr. Ejere.

 He says a doctor patient relationship shouldn't be hampered by barriers in the spoken language.

"When we go to medical school and we come here and do residency we are taught the medicine, no one teaches you how to speak the language," said Dr. Ejere.

A little over a year ago he heard about an accent modification program available at Phoebe to any professional wanting to work on their pronunciation.

"It's for clients who are already proficient English speakers its really just working on pronunciation so their English can be more clearly understood," said Nicole Mays, Speech Pathologist.

For weeks Dr. Ejere met with a speech pathologist and practiced words he had difficulty pronouncing. After completing the program he says he's noticed a difference when he interacts with patients. He says he will continuing working and practicing every day to break down any patient doctor barriers there may be.

This is a voluntary program because professionals say you need to be motivated and willing to work on your pronunciation in your spare time.Because if you aren't, you aren't going to see as much of a change.

Click here for information on Accent Modification.

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