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People react to healthcare bill

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  The democratic-controlled House passed legislation 220-215 to require most Americans -including Dr. Chris Smith - to carry insurance and provide federal subsidies to people who couldn't afford it.

"It barely passed the House and I'm very disappointed Sanford Bishop voted for this," Dr. Smith said. "He was one of the few Georgia representatives that voted for this and I think he will regret that decision."

Congressman Bishop was one of four Georgia democrats in the U.S. House who voted on the bill that supports the government competing with private sectors.

"The Government messes up everything it touches so it's a massive takeover of 16% of our economy and it's not something you can be excited about," Dr. Smith added.

However, Kunte Kennedy says even though he doesn't know much about Healthcare Reform, he thinks it would be a good option for him and his three children.

"For the people who can't afford it, it will be good for children and poor families that really can't afford it," Kennedy said. "I think it will work."

Dr. Smith says the bill doesn't cover Tort Reform which is estimated to cover $25 billion to defend medicine. He says the government-controlled option will soon look similar to medicare where  people will see more regulations causing them to pay out of pocket.

"There will be such a high costs that people who have employees may just go to the public option," Dr. Smith noted.

Dr. Smith says in order to secure the future of young Americans, the government needs to keep private insurance an option. Now it's up to the Senate to decide.

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