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S. Georgia man hopes to save souls through song

February 23, 2003

Albany- "Is there life without Jesus Christ?" That's a line from the lyrics of one of Rod Clark's songs, and a question he would definitely answer no to after finding Christ and his gift of song.

"Since I've been involved with getting my life right and getting saved, I realized that my talent was a gift. I think with it being a gift I just wanted to use it the right way, and that is with the Lord," he says.

Clark's mother didn't even realize he had the gift until she heard his cd.

"He used to have this thing where he was so involved in Michael Jackson and the glove, and it used to drive me insane. I would just tell him boy you can't sing, just hush, and when he brought the first two songs, I just cried," says Delores Clark.

His mother says she can feel the passion in the songs because her son has actually lived his music.

"After the loss of my eldest son it pulled me back to the Lord and therefore as I grew and my children saw a change in me, it drew them to the Lord," his mother explains.

"I wanna tell the world how I feel....," sings Clark.

And that's actually what he is doing through his music. This 32 year old is hoping by bearing his soul through song, he will help bring others to the Lord.

Clark recorded his demo tape here in Albany and has sent it out to record companies around the country. But in the meantime he just gives out copies of his work to people he meets hoping to get his message and name out there.

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