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Church remembers Black trailblazers

February 23, 2003

Albany- Members of Hines Memorial C.M.E. Church say black history month gives them an opportunity to pay homage to black heroes like Frederick Douglas, Rosa Parks and Martin Luther, King, Jr.

The sanctuary was filled with uplifted voices as members, some clothed in traditional African apparel, looked to the future.

Rev. Maurice Cherry says it's programs like this that help the youth understand where they are going. Cherry adds, "When youth understand what Martin, Malcolm and Harriet went through, they will gain strength and inspiration."

The program speaker, Dr. Marla Black Morgan, is a successful neurologist, and she says she gains inspiration from the past to make it through obstacles that she faces everyday.

Dr. Morgan says, "My ancestors fought. They overcame horrific circumstances with hope, faith and courage. I will forever be grateful to them. I know the only way I can pay them back is to do my best in life and never take for granted my opportunities."

Member, LaShonna Lawson, told us why Harriet Tubman is her inspiration. "She is amazing. She freed herself, and then she freed others. She was always thinking of others, and that's what matters." Prolific words from a future Black leader.

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