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Layoffs coming at Marine Base

MCLB news release-

STATEMENT by Col. Terry Reid, commander, Maintenance Center Albany: "Maintenance Center Albany's primary contractor, AECOM, is decreasing the contractor workforce by 67 personnel today, with as many as 233 more to potentially follow in the next few weeks. 

Our hearts and prayers go out to those who lost their jobs today.  We are constantly evaluating our future workload and may have to continue to make some hard choices over the next month or so. The Marine Corps expected to receive a large amount of equipment in Albany from Iraq for repair. 

This is referred to as resetting the force.  But as operational commitments have grown overseas, much of the expected equipment has not materialized.  Instead, it is being used to support other operations around the world.  This means that our workload here is not as large as we expected at the beginning of last year.

Our workforce constantly flexes to meet our assigned mission, which includes increasing or decreasing employees as work ebbs and flows.  To best utilize taxpayer dollars, we must consistently evaluate our workforce and make cuts where the work has decreased.

The contractor workforce reductions are based on the skills and the skill levels no longer needed to support the workload. The MCA and its corporate headquarters have been actively pursuing workload from other sources and will continue to pursue additional workload.

The mission at the MCA is still very secure, and we are committed to being a continuing partner in the community for the future."


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