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State flag referendum creates controversy

February 22, 2003

Dawson- Governor Perdue's plan to hold a referendum on the state flag, is not a good idea to some South Georgia leaders, like Rev. Ezekial Holly.

Holly is president of the Terrell County Chapter of the NAACP, and he says the flag brings back negative memories of the racially divided South.

He adds, "When I see the Confederate flag, I think of the Old South."

Holly also says if the flag was changed, it would hurt the state economically. Holly adds, "Just think about it, so many people come to Atlanta for conventions and hotels. They may not come if the flag is changed, and that would hurt a lot of people."

While some see the flag as a positive symbol of Georgia heritage, Holly has different thoughts.

"When I look at the flag, I think of Black men who couldn't vote and who were in lynched right here in Terrell County."

Holly says changing the flag, could lead to a change in Georgia's future, and he says it's a change that would divide the South.

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