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Investigator uses shoe to solve burglaries

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - In a two week time span, five residential burglaries were committed by to two women and while all the cases have been solved, one left a special impression.

Investigators often have little evidence to work with at a crime scene. After two homes were burglarized in Ben Hill County, one of the only thing investigators had to go on was a distinct shoe print left by the criminal.

"What was interesting about these shoe tracks were they were very tiny, very tiny narrow shoe tracks so I determined it would have to be a small child or a woman," said Investigator Patrick Hogan.

Witnesses near the burglarized home reported seeing a young black woman in her 20's walking down the road with a guitar on her back. Two weeks later investigator Patrick Hogan got a big break at a gas station.

"I see a young black female in her 20's of course she doesn't have a guitar strung to her back but something about her mannerisms drew me to her," said Hogan.

And Hogan says while he was pumping gas, he just happened to look at the bottom of her shoe.

"I immediately recognized the bottom of that shoe," said Hogan.

He called for back-up and when another deputy showed up it was determined Temeka Shelton gave him a false name.

"During a subsequent interview with this lady I collected her shoes as evidence we were able to collect the guitar she was seen wearing that day by the witnesses," said Hogan.

During a search of her house, officers found items from both burglaries as well as drug paraphernalia and items from car break-ins, too.

"You would never think about looking at the bottom of a shoe when entering a service station but my hat is off to him for doing this," said Sheriff Bobby McLemore.

"You can't say it always going to be a man breaking into a house it could be that little lady that you see walking down the road with a guitar strapped across her back she could be the one kicking in your door," said Hogan.

Temeka Shelton is being held in the Ben Hill County jail charged with two counts of burglary and possession of stolen property.

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