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Would-be burglar takes TV, but leaves it at church

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A brazen burglar walked into Albany's Central Baptist Church,  in and out of Sunday School rooms, and tried to get away with a television.

He was stopped by the church secretary before he could get out, dropped the TV, and ran out the doors.

We all know that homes and businesses are often targeted by crooks wanting to take something that doesn't belong to them. Churches though, often help those in need, and don't expect to be victimized by thieves.

He slipped right in the back doors. "When he walked in, he went into a couple of different rooms and tippy-toed up and looked in and saw the church secretary sitting there and went up a stairwell, obviously with the intent to take some items," said Church Member Kenneth Phillips.

A surprising move, in the middle of the day, at a church. Who would have thought such a crime would take place here?

"You just sort of think that this is a sacred church that nobody would walk in and harm anybody or take anything," said Phillips.

But as sacred as it is, it didn't stop this man from trying. The man walked inside, peeked in to see if anyone was in this office. The secretary didn't see him, but he didn't realize there were cameras up above that did.

And while the secretary may not have seen the man walk in, she heard him upstairs and went to investigate.

"She opened the door and asked him to leave and he took off out the door running."

The TV he attempted to take was left on the stairwell. While he didn't get away with anything, it's upsetting to church member Kenny Phillips that someone would even try.

"We're trying to help folks so to think that we have one that just kind of walks in and helps himself, it does frustrate at times. It's almost like a personal theft, not just from the church, but from us as individuals."

But this individual didn't get away with anything this time. Central Baptist Church does have security measures in place.

Doors have to be opened from the inside out and people must see the secretary first for admittance, on the day the man got in though, the doors were left unlocked.

Police haven't caught the burglar yet.  If you recognized him, Call Crimestoppers at 229-436-TIPS.

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