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Phoebe won't take 'yes' for an answer

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Phoebe Putney Hospital apparently will keep up its fight to prevent Palmyra Medical Center from delivering babies even though it lost an appeal.

The Phoebe board voted unanimously to encourage the hospital authority to file a second appeal. Last month, a hearing officer upheld a department of community health decision to grant a certificate of need to Palmyra for a level one birthing center.

Phoebe board say their are deficiencies in that appeal report. They claim Palmyra's center will dilute services and hurt the community's quality of care. Palmyra's CEO calls the action a stall tactic. 

"It's clear that there will be at least 18 people, 18 women on an annual basis who will get in trouble in a level one unit and have to be transferred to Phoebe's Intensive care unit, our NICU our Neo-natal intensive care unit so, that's a quality of care issue," said Tommy Chambless, PPMH Board Member.

"Multiple hospitals can coexist, multiple programs can coexist, our program will not threaten or hurt Phoebe's program at all, but I'm not sure why they're so afraid for us to offer an OB service here at our hospital," said W. Mark Rader, FACHE, PMC President and CEO.

The Hospital Authority has another week to file the appeal that would take the case to the Superior Court.

Mark Rader says he's already had calls from people interested in Palmyra's center claiming to have gone out of the region to Alabama and Tallahassee to deliver babies previously.

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