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One provisional vote may decide Arlington Mayor

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ARLINGTON,  GA (WALB) - Election day in Arlington ended with a tie in the Mayor's race. Now a single provisional vote could determine a winner.

If not, It's back to the polls for a runoff.

Arlington residents who may have thought their vote wasn't important were proved wrong. 256 people voted to re-elect Mayor Jerome Brackins, Senior. And 256 said they want Marvin King as their Mayor.

"One vote does count, if one more person had voted, we'd know our mayor right now," said Lisa Aldridge. She's is in the running for city council in Arlington. She too knows the value of every vote. It was a close race last night, now she'll face Linda Halford in a run-off.

And 89-year-old Mary Wakefield has lived in Arlington since she was 12. She can't remember a tie race .

"Well I am surprised," she said.

And one provisional vote may determine who wins and loses.

"If someone shows up at a poll and the elections superintendent feels that for some reason they're not qualified to vote, they can vote provisional," said city attorney Tommy Coleman.

Three people cast provisional ballots last night. Nothing is official, but election supervisors are quite sure two of them won't count.

"There are two over there where they're not sure if they live in the city or not," said Coleman.

The other provisional ballot is questionable because the voter couldn't provide proper identification. Election supervisors have until tomorrow night to investigate, and decide if that vote will indeed be the tie breaker.

If not it's still a tie, and  it's back to the polls.

"I'm hoping that if they have to have a run off it won't run that close and people will get out and vote again," said Aldridge.

The city will know by 4-oclock tomorrow whether they have a winner or a run off in their future. The provisional voter has until then to turn in an ID.

Voter turnout in Arlington was average. About one-third of the population voted. Officials say fewer voters usually turn out during runoffs.

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