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Darton celebrates International students

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If you stopped by Darton College for lunch Wednesday, you could be excused for thinking that you had gone to the United Nations. And there's a reason for that, it's International Festival time at Darton College again.

Dozens of countries were represented: from South America to Central America. And from Asia to Europe to Africa, they were all here.

Diana Garner, International Student Director for Darton College said; "we have over 30 countries represented today."

Hundreds of Darton students made their way into the cafeteria area to see the displays and dancing. Of course, another way to draw in college students is food.

"We have different foods for people to try it's completely free," Garner said.

"It's not just about the geography or the food of the countries involved. It's also a chance for the international students to show off their culture to their peers."

While most people don't think of South Georgia as much of a melting pot, Darton is quite a cosmopolitan college.

"We have over 140 students this semester," Garner said.

Students like Sammy Mburu. Where is he from?

"I'm from Kenya. Kenya is in the eastern part of Africa. Next to the Indian Ocean."

Next to Kenya - at least at this festival - is Russia. And from Russia comes Natalia Morozova.

"From the capital, from Moscow," she said.

So what would Sammy want people here to know about their home country?

"Our economy depends on tourism. If you want to see the animals in the wild, visit Kenya," Mburu said.

Natalia believes that South Georgians would like Russia, even during the legendary Winters.

"If it's snowing or it's sunny and warm, it doesn't matter what season you go, you will be impressed for sure. They're gonna look for buildings and culture and other stuff," she said.

And what do South Georgians who haven't been to Cuthbert, much less to Chile gain from meeting these students from all corners of the globe?

Diana Garner said, "I think they gain a lot. It might be their first experience to meet somebody from a different country."

No matter whether they're from down the street or from halfway around the world, the students here today are hoping to take the lessons that they learned - and fond memories of their time here - back with them.

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