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Supporting the military

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February 21, 2003

Miller County--A South Georgia town is showing its support for those who are missing overseas in Columbia and for those who are fighting against terrorism.

Yellow represents hope, and everyday a new yellow ribbon goes up in Miller County.

Military Supporter Dot Wainright says, “It's catching on. I think it's typical of Colquitt and Miller County, they always pull together.”

In this case, residents are supporting those overseas. “It's a small community, we want to let their loved ones know that we are praying for them,” said Church Member Christy Hall. The yellow ribbon campaign started at First Baptist Church. “It started there, but in this community we work as a whole, not an individual group,” said Hall.

Ribbons are seen in all sizes. Big ones on fences, medium ones on flags and small ones pinned on shirts. “Oh, it's been wonderful," Hall said.

And while loved ones are overseas their families back home see the ribbons, symbols of hope for a safe return The yellow ribbon began as a symbol of hope that POW's or MIA's would return safely.

Now it also includes disasters like car accidents and missing children.

If you're looking for another way to support the military, try the Internet. The US Department of Defense has a web page where you can thank those who are overseas. Your name and hometown will be sent to US Service members.

More than five million people have sent a message.

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