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South Georgia students celebrate Arbor Day

February 21, 2003

Valdosta - Blake Woodruff and his classmates know just how important trees are to the environment. "They give us oxygen and they help keep our water clean," said Woodruff. "They provide shade for us and they help make the land beautiful," said Brittney Jenkins.

Friday, Valdosta Middle School students helped ensure that their environment will be protected and beautiful for years to come. Three long leaf pines lining the school's campus are only about 5 feet tall now, but with the students' nurturing, will soon bloom high above their heads.

"We try to teach them leadership skills and by doing so with environmental issues like this, we feel like they'll pave the way for future generations to have clean, beautiful environment," said Linda Crane, Teacher.

Many of the students have been part of the Arbor Day celebration for years, but this time it had special meaning. "I'm glad that we can do something for the new school because we've done it at the old school but now we'll have some trees to make the new campus beautiful."

Students hope when they come back in 20 years, the trees they planted will be standing tall and healthy.

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