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Third graders see K-9 in action

 By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

ADEL, GA (WALB) - Dogs can be loyal companions but also crime fighters. Crys,the K-9, has helped seized thousands of dollars in drugs.

He's been on the Adel Police force for eight months.  On Tuesday, third graders got to see him in action.

Crys, the k-9, sniffs out cocaine from one of the most common places offenders hide their drugs, in their gas caps. 

"He can run real fast and he can bite real hard," Barrett Breeden, Cook Elementary School.

Students from Cook Elementary went to the police department Tuesday as part of their local government tour.

"We want to educate our children to stay off drugs to stay out of gangs, to be a positive influence in their community and to resist that peer pressure that is so strong out there today," said Assistant Chief Audie Rowe, Adel Police.

Officers explained undercover narcotics operations and students were able to look inside a police car and a seized vehicle. 

"We like them to come out ask questions, talk to us, see what we do," said Rowe. "See the cars. See our police K-9, and see us in action up close and personal."

This is how a K-9 might stop a fleeing criminal. Dogs are trained to grab hold of non-vital areas like arms and legs.

Crys is three years old and was donated to Adel Police by Lackland Airforce Base in Texas. Crys has helped seize thousands of dollars in drugs.

He's a belgian malinois. Crys was first trained at the air force base to sniff out bombs but police say having a dog that sniffs out both drugs and bombs isn't a good idea.

"If we do go into a situation where he does scent on what we believe is a narcotic odor and it ends up being a bomb odor, that wouldn't be good for me to stick my hand in there and pull that out," said K-9 Officer Paul Turner.

Crys completed his narcotics training through the Chatham County Sheriff's Office.

Crys has been on the force since February. Drug dogs typically serve for 7 or 8 years.

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