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Moultrie homeowner holds would be burglar at gunpoint

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Moultrie home owner took matters into his own hands, holding a would be burglar at gunpoint until police arrived.

When Wilbert Mitchell thought someone was trying to break into his home he moved his truck,waited, and caught the crook breaking in around 11:00 Sunday morning.

Police say many residents are fed up with the crime and are fighting back. Moultrie Police are just as fed up as residents and Tuesday they announced they're directing most of their man power and resources to fight the violent crimes and burglaries plaguing Moultrie.

When Wilbert Mitchell found his back screen door damaged Saturday he moved his car and waited. With big padlocks on both gates he knew the intruder had to jump the fence to get in and he was waiting when Jimmy Lee Williams returned armed with a backpack of allen wrenches, pliers, and a knife.

"He was able to safely get this guy, keep him in custody," said Moultrie Police Cpl. Dave Underwood.

Police say everyone in town is fed up with crime.

"Everybody is, it's gotten completely out of hand. People at the police department are having a real hard time with it," said Mike Wilson, a concerned citizen.

So now in addition to the evening patrols, they've added a specialized division to try and combat the crime.

"We are doing some special patrols in certain high crime areas which involves additional officers on the street other than just the regular shift," said Cpl. Underwood.

Police can't be everywhere and they're asking residents to be their eyes and ears on the street and join them in the fight by watching out for one another.

"If I'm not home and a car pulls up they'll say there was a car that was there and this is what color it was and this is what the person looked like that got out of the car you know just to let you know," said Shawana Glover, a concerned citizen.

While they realize residents like Wilbert Mitchell are justified to take matters into their own hands to protect their property if they reasonably believe they're in danger, they say it's better to call police when you first notice something suspicious.

Just in the month of October Moultrie experienced 41 burglaries, six robberies, eight aggravated assaults, and one murder. Police say that's unacceptable and urge citizens to watch out for their neighbors.

Jerry Lee Williams is being held in the Colquitt County Jail and is charged with criminal attempt and possession of tools during the commission of a crime. Police have also taken a search warrant to inspect Williams home in a effort to determine if he's behind other burglaries in town.

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