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Identity theft victim speaks out

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany woman speaks out about a case of stolen identity. Someone racked up thousands of dollars in bills using her name and she has had enough. She wants to help protect you.

Identity theft is often referred to as the fastest growing crime in America. Last year close to 10 million victims were reported according to a Federal Trade Commission Survey.

Every time a new month rolls around, Courtney Lovett has to deal with another bill collector call.

She says the calls started in June after she gave her personal information to a dealer at an Albany car lot, so he could run a credit check.

"I gave him my ID, my social security number, my address, I had to give up all that information," said Lovett.

And ever since, she says gets bills for things she didn't buy.

"They bought laptops they bought computers they got sprint phones they went to Belks and got jewelry they went to reeves jewelry," said Lovett.

Lovett says someone stole her identity and opened credit cards in her name, using a fake ID and a false address.

"You are dealing with these major big time businesses at the same time you wouldn't think they would do anything like that with your information," said Lovett.

And so far the thieves have charged more than 10,000 dollars in her name.

"I just want justice served they need to go to jail they need to go to jail," said Lovett.

Lovett says now, she tries not to make any purchases, and if she does she pays cash.

"I don't deal with credit, I have closed any existing cards that I have," said Lovett.

In the meantime, Lovett has investigator working on her case, and is even trying to do a little investigating on her own.

She says she wont be satisfied until whoever is responsible, pays up and takes ownership for what they've done.

The Federal Trade Commission advises that you place a fraud alert on credit reports and constantly check your credit report to see if there is any unusual activity. Also file a report with the Federal Trade Commission and your local police department right a way.

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