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Bush sells tax plan in Georgia

Febriary 20, 2003
by Denis O'Hayer

Cobb County--  President Bush visited Georgia to push his multi-billion dollar tax cut plan. And with Democrat Zell Miller and Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss by his side, the president said the plan will significantly improve the business outlook.

But The nation's economy is just one thing on Americans' minds, as was evident by war protestors just outside the school where the president spoke.

"There's a flow-through," said business man Stanley King. "The employees are going to benefit, and allow us to even probably hire a few more employees," said one business man. "Every time we stimulate the economy with a tax cut like President Bush is talking about doing, the money rolls in. Because that's the type of economics that actually works."

"It's not going to do much in the short term," said another business man. "These are long term measures, and I like them-- for the longterm health of the economy. But right now our biggest issue is, when is the war going to get over with Iraq?"

"There's no perfect solution in this world, because we don't live in a perfect world, But he's making his best effort."

"Without the stimulus, without tax reductions, we can jeopardize the recovery that we long for," said Bush.

"But as we insist that congress be wise with your money, we're going to make sure we spend enough to win this war," said the President.

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