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Gas Prices skyrocket around the nation

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Just when people thought they'd have some extra money to spend for the holidays, gas prices hit a record high around the nation this weekend.

Compared to last year's holiday season, the average price for a gallon is up nearly 85 cents, but Albany may be a little better off than some other cities.

WALB  found the opposite scenario Sunday while stopping by several Albany gas stations. The price at the pump was actually down from last week, But they're still more than what they were a month ago.

Gas prices at Woodalls gas station dipped around 2.20 last month. The price for regular unleaded climbed to 2.48 a gallon this week. That's expected to climb even higher, which isn't good for Blake jackson who drives an SUV.

"I don't make a lot of money but a lot of the money I do make goes straight to my car,"Jackson said.

He's a student at Darton College and uses premium gas to fuel his car for road trips. Ramirez Roquemore filled up at the BP which was two cents higher at 2.50 down the road, but he's used to filling up at BP because he likes the quality of gas.

"I think the prices are rise higher because it's based on store ownership and price competitiveness," Roquemore said.

Gas prices are still lower at this BP than what they were a week ago at Woodalls down the street, which was around 2.54.

I spent more than $25 on gas. That's less than half a tank. Monique Shirey says that's money she can use to pay for her kid's clothes and books. Sometimes she says she has to decide which one is more important.

"Even down to relaxing on the weekends and eating out in stead of cooking- you know fun stuff - it cuts into that," Shirey said.

Drivers continue to see the national average climb to nearly 2.70 a gallon, and they understand they have little control over it.

Georgia's national gas average stands at 2.54 cents a gallon, which is Also Albany's average. Augusta has the cheapest average in the state and fourth cheapest in the nation at 2.52 a gallon.

Experts say the weak dollar makes fuel more expensive. Oil companies plan to be more conservative about producing gasoline after they lost profit when energy prices fell last year.

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