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Blue Star Banners make a modern comeback

^ Post 30 Commander Gary Fowler ^ Post 30 Commander Gary Fowler

February 20, 2003

Albany-- Blue Star Banners are starting to be seen more around South Georgia. The banners were started in 1917 during World War One.

Veterans at the Albany American Legion Post 30 say they are seeing a surge in patriotism.

As the American military deploys to the Middle East,people and businesses are ordering the tradition rich banners to show their support.

American Legion Post 30 leaders presented a Blue Star Corporate Banner to Mike Mathews, to fly on the pole in front of Mathews Funeral Home. "I think all veterans and those presently serving need to be recognized," Mathews said.

The Blue Star banner was started during World War I in 1917, to be flown in homes where family members were serving. They also were used in World War II. The American Legion brought them back after the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Requests for the banners are soaring. Post 30 Adjutant G.C. Croft said "It's really picks up in the last week or ten days. With all this deployment of the servicemen going, and people are a lot more concerned."

The new Blue Star banners are not just for families of service personnel. Anyone can put one out to show their support for the American military. Post 30 Commander Gary Fowler said "It's just to honor and let people know they, we are standing behind those who are serving for our country."

American Legion Post 30 is ordering more blue star banners, as South Georgians want to show support for the troops.

The corporate blue star banner flag costs $45. The small banners for windows are $4, and the sticker is $2.

You can order by calling your local American Legion Post. In Albany, call 229-435-5450 or 229-436-0162.

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