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Moody, local schools support military families

^ Col. J. C. Cantrell ^ Col. J. C. Cantrell
^ A Moody Airman kisses his little girl goodbye ^ A Moody Airman kisses his little girl goodbye
^ Air Force personnel boards a jet transport ^ Air Force personnel boards a jet transport

February 20, 2003

Lowndes County - Military personnel at Moody Air Force Base can rest assured their children will feel right at home in this community. "We could not ask for better support than we get from Valdosta and Lowndes County," said Col. J. C. Cantrell.

Thanks to the Moody School Board Liaison Committee, constantly moving from base to base is a little easier for military families. Colonel J. C.Cantrell chairs the committee made up of Team Moody members and representatives from both Valdosta City and Lowndes County school systems.

Col. Cantrell knows just how important the committee is, not just as the chairman, but as a parent. "When we moved here last summer my son was just starting his senior year and it was vital that all his credits transfer for him to finish they year on time and successfully," said Cantrell. If it hadn't been for the committee, Cantrell feels sure his son wouldn't be graduating this spring. Their efforts have provided a smooth transition for hundreds of military families.

"We help them with housing issues, and make sure that they get a permanent address so that they're entitled to all their benefits," said Barbara Nelan, Committee Member. "Our military parents tell us all the time that of all the places they've been stationed, this group has made the move much easier and their children have adjusted to the schools great," said Ron Irwin, Lowndes County Schools.

The group also tries to help kids understand what's going on in the Middle East, and why their parents may soon be deployed. "We send troops in to the schools to tell them exactly what's happening," said Cantrell. "If they know what's going on, they'll be less stressed about it."

With the threat of war increasing, the committee's duties will most likely become much more strenuous. But they ensure they'll provide students and parents with the understanding and education they need.

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