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Radical church vision changes lives

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Haunted houses are common this time of year. They offer a few minutes of spooky fun, but an Ocilla church hopes their version, Which they admit is radical, will change lives.

A night full of demons and sin brought hundreds of people to Ocilla Church of God.

 "I hope that they will not leave the same way they came in," said Denise Jordan who spoke to WALB after she finished the tour.

Organizer Danny Schluckebier says about 100 church members organized a demon-led tour that shows what sin can do to people if they turn away from God.

"My hope is to see people's lives radically changed," Schluckebier said. "Some people came from as far as two hours away to see this."

The tour started in a hospital room where a mom was losing her baby after having an abortion. Blood, and images show the consequences of an abortion.

The next stop is a teen troubled with porn and dark spirits which leads to a school shooting. We later fell to Hell's gates were people begged to be freed.

The final stage was heaven where people had a chance to start a relationship with God. One man says it was a real eye opener for him and he wants to make a change

" I to leave alcohol at home and live life in God's Hands," said Jacob Jordan.

In the end every participant in the hell house, demons included, hope people will re-evaluate this decisions after entering 30 minutes of "Hell".

The Hell House will continue through Friday night and Saturday night from 7:00 to midnight. Tickets are $5.00 at the door.

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