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Gangs to be watched on Halloween

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Halloween is Saturday night, and the Dougherty County Sheriff says he is concerned about gangs and criminals doing tricks.

All Dougherty County law enforcement agencies are stepping up patrols Saturday night.

They want to make sure you and your family are safe on Halloween.

Sheriff Kevin Sproul said gangs might think about being active Saturday because of Halloween, and Law Enforcement in Dougherty County will be out in force to make sure gangstas and registered sex offenders stay away from Trick or Treating Kids.

Dougherty County Sheriff Kevin Sproul says all law enforcement will step up patrols for Halloween, and be on the lookout for gangs or other criminals who might try to use the events as a cover.

Sheriff Kevin Sproul said "With robberies, this is an opportunity where people can dress up in costumes and change their image so to speak, and take advantage."

The Sheriff says parents should accompany their children while they trick or treat, and stay in groups with friends.

Lt. Pamela Johnson said "I recommend that they stay in their own neighborhood and only trick or treat at houses where they actively know people so they know what they are getting."

Always check the treats before you let children enjoy them. The 251 Registered sex offenders in Dougherty County will be required to stay inside their homes, and Officers will be inspecting.

Captain Craig Dodd said "They'll be going from location to location checking the different sex offenders to make sure that they are in their residences and not out and about."

The Sheriff says people should enjoy Halloween as usual, but be cautious.

Sproul said "You need to be careful and don't invite people into your homes. I would recommend you sit on your front porch if you have a front porch."

The Sheriff says law enforcement will be very visible, and that is the best way to keep gangs off the streets.

The Sheriff also recommends that parents keep older kids home, and keep the trick or treating for the younger kids this year.

Firefighters remind you to keep candles and open flames away from trick or treaters.

Parents need to make sure kids' costumes are fire resistant and never let trick or treaters carry candles.

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