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Have you bought a 'Ring of Re'?

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - An Albany woman got a strange package in the mail.

It included a picture of a wrecked car, and a letter telling her if she bought a special ring, she'd have good luck.  

Autumn Bridges was in a bad wreck a few years ago... so the picture shook her up.

A letter in the package promises good luck and says a fortune will come her way if she purchases the 'Ring of Re.'

She knows it's nonsense and preys on people down on their luck. She wants others to be wary of such letters. 

"I'm tired of stuff like this because we've got innocent people, and if you had 100,000 people and she's getting $7 for this, that's $700,000. Well, I didn't fall for it and nobody else needs to fall for it either."

We tried researching the "Ring of Re" on the internet. Hundreds of web pages claiming it's a scam have popped up.


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