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Marine Base shows off new housing

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - More than one hundred Marines and their family are moving into brand new homes on base.

A new area is called the Hill Community on the Marine Corps Logistics Base, where there are 110 new units that have residents are pretty excited to be moving in.

It is moving day for Yolanda Snow and her family. "Ohh, I'm so excited! We get a brand new home were the first ones in!" she said.

And even though it's hard work, she doesn't seem to mind. "I'm excited about my carpet, and the walls are painted and its not plain white."

And it's a big change. Moving from the old houses, to these.  "I love the kitchen we have so much more space like cabinet space than we did in the old house."

Yolanda Snow's is one of 110 families who will soon unlock the doors to their brand new homes.

"Each family in these new modern home will have at least 1,500 square feet of space which they weren't able to have before so its a great improvement for the quality of life," said Caleb Eames, Marine Public Affairs Director.

Officials held a special ribbon cutting ceremony celebrating the grand opening of the $38 million  project, designed to give new modern houses to all the marines living on base.

In 2008, the Public Private Venture came in and destroyed 100 of the older homes and developed the "Hill" community.

 "They sacrifice for our country they put their life in harms way so it is the least we can do to provide these new houses for them," Eames said.

For Snow, it's the little things she enjoys the most.  "We didn't have a garage we had a carport now we have a garage so I don't have to worry about fighting over the carport."

But nothing beats having a place to come back to, whether it be on the base or from overseas, that "really" feels like home.

 "I really feel like I'm at home so when I get home...ahhh... sound of relief. I can enjoy myself, the other one felt like I was on base when I got home.

Military officials say so far, around 20 families have already moved in.

Some of the old houses will be used for temporary visiting quarters, one will be turned into a museum, one will be a housing office, and the rest will be a park for marines to enjoy.

The rest of the houses on the west side will be demolished and will have the option of building more homes over there as well.

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