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A thousand pecan trees uprooted

February 19, 2003

Mitchell County - If you've been on US 19 lately, you may have noticed the hundreds of pecan trees on the ground. The trees caught our attention, so we dug a little deeper to find out why so many trees are uprooted.

The story lead us to greener pastures for a small town timber company and more paper. Stacey Frazier says, "We are used to taking out a bunch of trees at one time, I think this is the largest one I've done."

Frazier owns Frazier Timber Harvesting Services. It's a major job for a small company. They are cutting and hauling a thousand pecan trees on 75 acres of land. The trees will end up at a paper mill in Waycross. He says, "The mill we're sending this to, I'm told, they put entire piece in grinder. Nothing is waisted on it. "

Frazier calls this job a gift, especially during slow winter months. He explains, "It's one of those jobs I call a long base job. We don't usually come across this time of year."

Frazier's team hauls about 25 loads a week to J.L. Eubanks Pulpwood Company in Camilla. From there the logs go to the paper mill.

The pecan trees are at least a hundred years old and are not producing quality nuts, but they are producing more money for this small company.

Pecan experts say the trees that were cut down are mostly the Mobile variety. They produce quality nuts when they are younger, but slow down production after 25 years.

The owner of the land wants to plant peanuts or cotton instead of more trees.

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