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Mom and dad connect with military sons on the web

February 19, 2003

Americus— Two Sumter County brothers are stationed on the front lines in Iraq. First Sergeant Greg Jackson and his younger brother Sergeant Anthony Jackson are just miles from the Iraqi border.

Even though they are thousands of miles from home, modern technology is keeping them close.

The conversation at the dinner table is always about the same thing-- the boys. "I check the e-mail because I want to hear from my boys," says mom, Bertha Hosley.

First Sergeant Greg Jackson and Sergeant Anthony Jackson are stationed in different locations along the Iraqi border. Greg, the oldest, e-mails his parents at least once a week.

"In his last e-mail he said his platoon was ready and up for the task, and the morale is great," says dad Lawrence Hosley.

Reading from a recent email, Bertha says, "He is in a very secure place. I love you, Greg."

in one e-mail, Greg wanted to know about Anthony, and was trying to find his brother.

The few e-mails they've received so far are well-worn, and Bertha and Lawrence Hosley always wait anxiously for the next e-mail. "To me they are precious,” Lawrence said.

"To me, they are more than precious," adds Bertha.

These precious e-mails are the only link Bertha and Lawrence have to their sons right now. "The ones I get, I cherish them,” Bertha said. “I'm collecting them when he comes home I'll show him the e-mails we got."

E-mails that mean more than the sender will ever know. First Sergeant Greg Jackson is in an artillery division, his parents say he will likely be among the first ground soldiers in Iraq.

Younger brother Sergeant Anthony Jackson is in a non-combat position, working as a fuel supervisor.

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