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Sex offender victims speak out

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Northside school police caught sex offender Kenneth Kellam after he tried to entice two boys into his van. Monday, they helped police capture the man before any kids got hurt.

The mother, Diane McCoy, was worried about her sons safety after learning a suspicious man approached them after school last week. Monday afternoon, she followed her boys as they walked home. She says that's when the man came after the brothers again.

Diane McCoy's two boys, 10-year-old Ricky Benyard and 9-year-old Rickey McCoy were crossing Palmyra Road on their way home from Northside Elementary School Monday afternoon when they say 36-year-old Kenneth Kellam approached them.

"He was waiting in the bushes waiting for us to come out of school, said Rickey Benyard."

"My baby yelled out mom there goes the man," McCoy said. "I rushed up to him and I said what are you doing messing with my children."

McCoy was nearby watching out for Kellam because she had been warned by a neighbor and her sons that he had been watching them. She says he rubbed her two boys on the shoulder and touched them on their arms last week-and then told the boys not to tell their mom.

"He was going to show us three pictures of boys that sold drugs,"the sons said.

They say Kellam also tried to convince the brothers to get into his van, but they knew better.

"I wasn't going to get in that van," the boys said. "He said not to tell your momma what I did, but I told her anyways."

"It's nasty to see a man prey on little boys then to see he was charged for child molestation in another state," McCoy said.

In 2003, Kellam was convicted of false imprisonment in Florida for trying to force two 13-year-old boys into his van. He recently moved to Albany but did not register as a sex offender.

McCoy is grateful so many people are concerned about the safety of her sons.

"I thank my neighbors and the school for cooperating so much," she said. "I really had a lot of help today."

And her two boys learned an important lesson not to speak to strangers, which is a big reason they're back at home with their mom.

The mom says even though she's still shaken up, she's doing better and she's just glad to have her two sons back in her arms.

School officials at Northside say no other kids were victims of the sex offender as far as they know. Kenneth Kellam will have his first court appearance Tuesday morning at the Dougherty County jail.

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