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Onyx the pony is dead

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

WORTH COUNTY, GA (WALB) - A heartbreaking day for South Georgia animal lovers.

An 8-year-old pony is dead, the victim of a dog attack in Worth County.

We first told you about that attack last week. Witnesses say the pony was badly injured by three pit bulls.

The animal fought to stay alive for more than a week with those severe wounds, but was put to sleep.

Greg Stolze stood over an 8-foot grave where Onyx his daughter's pony will be buried.

"Three pit bulls got in and tried to kill him," said Gary Stolze, Pony Owner.

He all but went blind in both eyes and struggles to walk, eat, and drink water.

"You think about it, that's an animal, you love them but what if it is your child," said Stolze.

"I want people to be safe, and their animals, but especially the people," said Teresa Godby, Neighbor.

Friends and neighbors are concerned this could happen again.

"We're very concerned that nothing is being done to the animals that are doing this," said Godby.

To watch Onyx suffer is hard for Stolze and his neighbor Teresa Godby; she owns a dozen miniature horses.

"I've been going through a lot of anger it's just like when you lose a good friend you go through the sorrow and through the anger," said Godby.

They have given antibiotics time to work but say he is in too much pain.

"We're the ones being selfish and we put if off long as we can because we wanted him to make it," said Godby.

As the pony tries to lick his wounds it pains Godby to know two more dogs are out there.

"I want something to happen to better this situation don't let him die and go through all this suffering for nothing, don't let him die in vain," Godby.

With Onyx laid to rest his pain is over, but the push to make sure it doesn't happen again is not.

"Once they do it one time I don't think they should be allowed a chance the second time," said Godby.

No one is sure what happens next, our calls to the Worth County animal control concerning this incident were not returned.

One of the pit bulls in the attack was shot and killed by a neighbor.

Stolze and Godby have spent about $1,000 trying to keep the pony alive.

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