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Charter school wants to play ball

February 18, 2003

Baconton - A South Georgia charter school, that started almost three years ago, now wants to play ball. The Baconton Community Charter School is building a sports complex. By next school year, students will have a chance to cheer for Baconton Blazers.

Cheerleaders yell, "Hey, go blue green and white!" School Administrator, Lynn Pinson, says, "We have 30 young ladies and one gentleman who's brave enough to do it."

They are spirit boosters for Baconton Community Charter School. Team Captain, Brittany McInvale, says, "It's difficult, because some people have never cheered before, but it's a lot of fun."

The cheerleading squad started this school year, right now they don't have a sports team to cheer for. Pinson explains, "We think it will be a tremendous opportunity for these girls to show off what they learned."

The school is building a sports complex on US 19 South. Right now, they are clearing and burning 26 acres of land. Pinson says, "We love smelling that smoke because we know that was progress."

The field is now a pile of dirt. By this summer, little league baseball players are expected to play ball on four new diamonds. Later, you'll see tennis, football, soccer players, runners and even golfers. Pinson explains, "These children need a sports program to be a part of a team."

For now, the Baconton Blazers' cheerleading team will focus on this weekend. They are headed to Florida for their first regional competition.

The charter school has more than 300 students and is growing. Right now, they are K through nine, but plan on adding tenth grade next year if the community shows interest.

They are joining the Georgia High School Association so they can compete against other schools.

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