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Bills roll in for the Waves

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February 18, 2003

Albany - Show me the money, or roll out of town. That's what Albany commissioners told the Waves Baseball Team Tuesday morning. The Waves owe the city nearly $30,000 in utility fees. But, the Waves say they never received the hefty power bill.

The bats won't be cracking come April if the Waves and the City of Albany can't settle their financial problems. Last week, the Waves finally paid the city $28,500 it owed for rental for Paul Eames Sports Complex. The rent was more than 6 months late. "We had a break up in ownership last summer," said Ben Hayes, the attorney for Waves owner Main Street Baseball. "Once we settled the ownership confusion, we saw in the paperwork that we owed the second half of our $53,250 lease."

An error in the rental cost left the Waves with a credit of $3,750. But, that money will go straight to the city to pay off the Waves $30,000 utility fee. Hayes say the cost is a surprise to him. "We never received a utility fee. This is the first time I've heard about the $30,000 we owe," said Hayes.

"We didn't give the bills as they came in, but the Waves agreed to pay for the utilities in the lease they signed last year," said City Attorney Al Grieshaber.

City commissioners say the first pitch won't be thrown until the bill is paid and a lease agreement for 2003 is signed. But, the Waves want some changes to the contract. "Last year, the city took 50% of the ticket revenue plus taxes. That makes it impossible for the Waves to survive," said Hayes.

Both Hayes and Grieshaber feel confident a compromise can be made on the contract, before the first player is up to bat. The Waves home opener is set for April 7th. The team is moving to Evansville, Indiana in 2004.

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